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Morpheus8 Technology: Innovative, Striking Results Without Plastic Surgery

The results we have seen with Morpheus8 have been amazing! Read below to learn more about this amazing service and what to expect at your first Morpheus8 appointment.

Nothing compares to Morpheus8 technology when it comes to skin tightening and deep tissue remodeling. Unlike plastic surgery, Morpheus8 doesn't involve massive amounts of pain or downtime. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are just a few of the many celebrities who use Morpheus8 technology to achieve their incredible results. If you're looking for a way to fight aging without pain, hassle, or downtime, Morpheus8 is the perfect solution for you! Morpheus is changing the game and giving people the power to achieve their beauty goals without surgery!

Morpheus uses radiofrequency energy to heat the tissue beneath the skin, which then creates a controlled injury. This injury stimulates your body’s natural healing response, which in turn leads to the production of new collagen and elastin. Morpheus can be used to treat a variety of concerns, including loose skin, jowls, a sagging neckline, wrinkles, deep tissue remodeling, fat melting, body contouring, and acne scars.

What To Expect Before and After A Morpheus8 Appointment:

Before your first Morpheus8 appointment, we typically get you in for a consultation with one of our providers to discuss your goals and decide on what areas you are looking to get treated. If Morpheus8 is a good fit for you, we will send you home with a topical numbing cream that will be applied an hour and a half before you come in for your appointment. We do this to allow an optimal amount of time for numbing. Pain control is a top priority here at Glow Envy Med Spa. We have studied and practiced different methods and allowing the numbing cream to set in for that hour and a half or more seems to be the sweet spot. We do also have injectable lidocaine as well if additional pain control is needed, so never fear!

After your appointment, you can expect to be a little red, but more often than not the redness is minimal. There is a risk for bruising, which we tend to see happen around the eyes if bruising happens at all. You'll want to avoid being in the sun and using your active products for 48 hours post-treatment, but after that can return to regular activities and regimens. Since Morpheus8 treatments are done in a series of three, spaced 1 month apart, we will typically set up your next appointment before you leave. Easy peasy!

Because this treatment is using your body's natural healing process and stimulating collagen production, it will continue to work and progress up to a year after your last treatment. Check out this belly to the right for example! Crazy right?! After that yearly maintenance treatments are recommended.

If you’re interested in learning more about Morpheus, contact our office in Midlothian, Virginia. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you decide if Morpheus is right for you. You can also click the link below to schedule your consultation if you are ready to get going! No matter where you are on your journey, we're here for you!

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