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Hey there!

Welcome to hosting your next girls night in, where we believe that taking care of your skin should be fun, social, and totally glamorous.

What's the Scoop on Botox Parties?

You may be wondering, "What the heck is a Botox Party?" Well, it's where skincare meets champagne and besties. It's like a spa day, but with the added bonus of good company and great vibes.

Why you should join the fun

Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why should I even bother attending or hosting a Botox Party?" Well, hold on to your cute little hat, because we've got some serious perks for you:


  • Party Like a Pro: Can’t make it in to the office during normal business hours? At our Botox Parties, you can take over our office with your besties after-hours or we can bring the party to you! It's all about creating an atmosphere that's relaxed, cozy, and perfect for insta-worthy selfies with your squad.

  • Gorgeous Results: Our team of skilled and licensed providers will work their magic to ensure you leave looking like a million bucks. Say goodbye to frown lines and hello to a fresher, more youthful you.

  •  Sweet Deals & Discounts: We know that beauty can be expensive, but not at a botox party! When you host, we’ll hook you up with exclusive discounts, so you can pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

    • Hosts receive $2 off per unit

    • Host and guests are eligible to receive a $40 off coupon. 

    • A Free Chemical Peel Gift Card valued at $200 (parties of 10 or more required)

  • Learn & Slay: Our experts are here to spill all the tea on Botox. Not only will they answer all your burning questions, but they'll also educate you on the procedure, benefits, and how to maintain that flawless look after the party's over.

What to expect when hosting a Botox party

Here's what we have in store for you

How to secure your spot

Your safety matters

  •     A warm, friendly welcome from our awesome team

  •     A relaxed and cozy setting to put you at ease either at your home or in         our office

  •     One-on-one consultations to discuss your beauty goals

  •     Expert advice on the best Botox treatments for you

  •     Precise injections by our skilled professionals

  •     Epic discounts and gift cards. 

Ready to join the party? Simply text us at 804-601-8638 or message us here. Then don’t forget to round up your besties to join in on the fun. 

We want you to feel safe and confident during your Botox Party experience. That's why we follow strict medical guidelines and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our Medical director will meet with you before and/or during the event to go through your medical history and answer any questions you have. Then our team of registered nurses, NP’s and MD will perform your treatments.

*Minimum of 5 people required.

Want to host a party? 

Text, call, email or submit your info here!


Thanks for submitting!

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