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Glow Envy Med Spa favorite services: The VI Peel

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Hey friends! Thank you so much for following our blog! I hope you are finding all of the information you need about facial services and why they are so important for the health of your skin. Today we want to highlight a service that packs a BIG punch. It's a chemical peel called the VI Peel, which is a medical-grade chemical peel made by Vitality Institue. The VI Peel is the #1 chemical peel and is known for being safe on all skin types and tones. There is a VI Peel formulated for any skin concern you may have and before we brought this peel to our practice, we personally tried it ourselves and were IN LOVE with the results we got.

Because we love it so much, we want to share our thoughts and experience with you guys! I'm going to go over what is in the VI Peel, what benefits you get from doing this treatment, what to expect the week following your VI Peel, and more!

The VI Peel is a skin-resurfacing chemical peel that stimulates collagen and increases cellular turnover to reveal smoother and more radiant skin. They have a peel for any skin concern such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damage, aging skin, texture, acne, oily and congested skin. When it comes to chemical peels, there is no one-size-fits-all. This really goes for most facial services, but particularly with chemical peels. One thing that we really loved about the VI Peel is that you do not have to work your way up to it as you do with other facial services. This means that you can get one if you are brand new to skincare, or if you are a medspa regular that has tried all of the things. Another thing that we loved is that, unlike some chemical peels, the VI Peel works on all 6 Fitzpatrick skin types.

What is in the VI Peel?

The VI peel has blends of TCA, vitamin c, retinoic acid, and phenol. Phenol is a light-numbing ingredient so that you are not feeling the “sting” of the peel and can tolerate more layers. It includes a cleanse, tone, and peel. After your peel, we will send you home with an aftercare kit that includes a gentle cleanser, a heavy moisturizer with hydrocortisone to help alleviate any itching you may have, sunscreen, and medicated wipes to help you get the most out of the peeling process.

What Benefits do you get from a VI Peel?

There are 5 different VI Peels to address a variety of different skin concerns. Because each one addresses specific concerns, they each have different benefits depending on which peel works best for you. One of my personal favorite benefits of this peel is the baby smooth texture that it gave my skin, in addition to evening out my skin tone. My skin feels brand new after each peel and it is pretty magical!

Let's look at the different VI Peel Options and their benefits.

VI Peel Original for Tone and Texture

The VI Peel Original contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel will help to improve the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin and provide anti-aging benefits. Specifically formulated to rejuvenate and help prevent future damage to the skin.

For Skin Concerns:

  • For first time peels

  • Sensitive Skin

  • Early Signs of Aging (Ages 20+)

  • Rough Texture

  • Keratosis Pilaris

VI Peel Advanced

VI Peel Advanced is our strongest peel with a booster system formulated to combat the effects of aging. It is made with a powerful blend of ingredients to provide a deeper penetration to soften fine lines and wrinkles, enhance cellular turnover, and stimulate collagen production. The formula contains 20% more solution with our lowest pH allowing for a deeper peel.

For Skin Concerns:

  • Aging skin (Ages 40+)

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Stretch Marks

  • Loss of Elasticity

  • Body Peel

VI Peel Precision Plus

VI Peel Precision Plus Dual Booster System combats pigmentation with our hydroquinone-enriched Lighten Booster and fast-acting Brightening Booster. VI Peel Precision Plus effectively suppresses melanogenesis and promotes rapid cell turnover.

For Skin Concerns:

  • Skin discoloration

  • Irregular Pigmentation in the skin, including UV-induced hyperpigmentation

  • Melasma

  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

  • This formula works great for patients of Asian descent due to increased risk of hyperpigmentation

VI Peel Purify

VI Peel Purify is a highly effective treatment for acne. It contains the original VI Peel formula plus the power of Benzoyl Peroxide, Kojic Acid, and Hydrocortisone for superior and consistent results. VI Peel Purify is a targeted solution to tackle active acne and acne-prone skin.

For Skin Concerns:

  • Active acne

  • Breakout-prone skin

  • Oily and congested skin

  • Teen Acne

  • This formula works great for patients of Hispanic descent due to increased sebum production

VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus

VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus Dual Booster System is an advanced acne solution that helps to rid the skin of active acne. The formula helps to fade textural scarring and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) caused by acne breakouts.

For Skin Concerns:

  • Excessive Oily Skin

  • Adult Acne

  • Acne Scarring

  • Acne with Hyperpigmentation

  • This formula works great for patients of African American descent due to increased Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

It can be hard deciding exactly which peel is best to fit your needs, but don't worry! When you schedule a consultation at Glow Envy Med Spa our team of professionals can listen to your concerns and determine which formula will give you the results that you are looking for.

What to expect after your VI Peel

Your VI Peel comes with an after-care kit and regimen to follow for 7 days following your peel. Don't be alarmed about having to take on a new regimen. There is an app you can download that will guide you through your regimen and as an added bonus...will send push notifications that say things like "Good morning beautiful, it's time to do your morning regimen". In this app you can also take selfies each day to record your progress.

As far as what to expect with your skin, your skin will feel tight and a little dry for the first 2 days and the peeling occurs on days 3 and 4. You typically begin to peel around your nose and mouth first and then it works its way to the rest of the face. (See the picture below of our office manager on day 3 of her peel.) You ARE going to peel for real. This is something you will want to consider when scheduling your VI Peel. Thankfully, by day 5, the big peeling is done and you will only have a little flacking until day 7. In my personal experience, the after-peel glow kicks in around day 8 or 9 and that's when you will be HOOKED.

Are you thinking the VI Peel may be for you?

The team at Glow Envy Med Spa is highly trained in every service they perform. They are ready to listen to your concerns and formulate an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to your needs. If you are not sure the VI Peel is for you, or unsure which VI Peel would best address your concerns, you can click here to schedule a consultation.

If you are looking to tackle old acne scars or sun damage, treat your melasma or tackle those fine lines and wrinkles...I highly recommend the VI Peel. You can see results after the first treatment, so it's a good bang for your buck. Feeling ready to have smooth, glowing skin? Click here to schedule your VI Peel today!

Have you ever had a VI Peel? We'd love to hear about your experience and results. Comment below and tell us all about it!

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