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Acne Prone Skin

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Your test results show that you have acne prone skin, but never fear! Just because you are prone or have acne scarring you don't have to live with it. Here are some of our best tips that we use in clinic every day to help our clients achieve clear skin. We haven’t had one client yet that hasn’t been able to get clear using these tips in addition to our customized treatment protocol. 


Tip 1: Check all of your ingredients to make sure they are acne safe. Did you know that the term “non-comedogenic” is supposed to mean that it doesn’t cause acne but this term isn’t regulated by the FDA so there are quite a few skincare products, makeup, hair products, hand lotions, laundry detergents etc that have acne causing ingredients in them. Our favorite app we use to check for comedogenic ingredients is called “acne-safe.” Download it and go hog wild!


Tip 2: Check your diet. Acne isn’t a dirt problem. It’s oftentimes an inflammation problem. It’s a manifestation of what is going on inside your body. So check yourself. Do you have gut issues or food sensitivities? Do certain foods cause you bloating or stomachaches? If you decrease the things that bother your gut and cause inflammation in your body your acne will also decrease as a result and you’ll feel better too. It’s a win win! Some of the most common triggers of inflammation that we have found are dairy, sugar, whey and soy. There are others that we can teach you if we need to find tune even more. This is something that we can dial in during your treatments with us but dairy, whey, soy, and sugar are usually the place to start.


Tip 3: Remember, clearing acne takes time. It didn’t appear overnight and it won’t go away overnight. It can take acne up to 3 months to develop and getting rid of it usually takes at least that long. Healing your gut is another part of the process that will also take time. The path to clear skin is just that, a path. So don’t be inpatient. You’ve got this!


Try these things out and let us know how it goes! If you are still struggling we would love to help! 


You are welcome to send us your photo (in good light and without makeup) and we will point you in the right direction!


If you live in Central Virginia come out and see us! If you don’t, no problem. We also have a virtual option to help you get that clear skin you’ve always wanted.

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