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add a chemical peel to microneedling

Are you ready to get carded everywhere you go? This is amazing for anti aging and scar revision, acne scarring, wrinkles and fine lines and any kind of discoloration. It is a 1-2 punch when combined with microneedling. The chemical peel works from the top down as the microneedling works from the bottom up which accelerates your results. 

LED light therapy

Light-emitting diode therapy uses varying wavelengths that can help your skin rejuvenate and heal while treating skin conditions including acne, aging, dull skin, and more.

add an area

Don't neglect your neck.  Rebuild the skin by producing collagen & elastin and tightening up sagging skin. This is the ultimate anti-aging treatment. A hydrating hyaluronic acid serum is used as a glide on top the skin while 12 tiny needles penetrate the epidermis. 

add lips or eyes to HydraFacial

Perk lip and eye treatments are meant to exfoliate and diminish fine lines and wrinkles in that sensitive skin around your eyes and moutn.

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